Working With Us

We provide a full range of commercial finance solutions

Finance New Zealand provides an extensive, knowledgeable and individualised commercial finance service. We offer a full range of financing solutions. Our personal service ensures we understand you and your business, and we will use our financial expertise to help you and your business succeed.

Our expertise ensures you receive a finance solution tailored to your business. By using Finance New Zealand, you deal with only one person and – you can be confident that multiple funding options have been investigated on your behalf.

We can deliver structured solutions that minimise the total cost of finance. These include:

  • Structuring debt over the economic/working life of each asset
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Repayments aligned to cash flow
  • A combination of revolving credit and fixed or floating term loans that provide cash flow flexibility

A full solution

Finance New Zealand offers a full solution for your commerical finance requirements. Whether your business needs to fund a new asset or you need finance for a new home, boat or a commercial property, our team can help to secure you a great offer.

Get experience on your side

Take advantage of the expertise within the Finance New Zealand team and get access to a wide range of funding partners. We understand the full life cycle of business as well as the challenges that owners and managers face. Our team has extensive experience helping businesses like yours.

Personal service

Rather than having a lending provider which regularly changes your point of contact, our personalised service means you will be dealing with the same person from here on in. We get to know you and your business inside out, and will work beside you for years to come. It’s our job to do the running around while you keep driving your business forward.

Timely approvals

We work to agreed approval times with our funding partners, speeding up your application process. Our market knowledge allows us to advise you quickly about which lender will have an appetite for your request.

Access to a wide range of funding partners 

Finance New Zealand has good relationships with a wide range of business funders – from trading banks through to specialist business funders. We have relationships with more than 30 funding partners who offer a wide range of business funding products. This means that regardless of the size of your funding request, or the history of your business, we are likely to find a commerical finance solution for you.

Support beyond today

Our support continues long after drawdown. Like you, we have a vested interest in long-term partnerships. You will really see our value when times get tough and traditional lenders put the screws on. In these times, we continue to strive to get you the best deal that will get you through till the market turns upwards.

We’ve got the country covered

Our team provides a personalised service throughout New Zealand. Getting to know you, your business and your goals in depth is what sets us apart.

Connect with a Finance New Zealand business partner in your area today.