Women in Industry

We are seeing an increasing drive from our key industries to encourage more women into their workplaces.  Many of our key industry segments, such as transport, civil construction, forestry, and engineering, have been traditionally male dominated but are recognising the value of women in the workforce.  We are beginning to see serious attention to adapting their practises to allow the flexibility around working hours and conditions that many women need as they juggle family responsibilities and careers.

We were a sponsor at the Road Transport Forum conference in Taupo recently, and saw there seemed a genuine interest in recognising diversity in the workforce, employing more women, and attracting a wider range of people into the industry. With a severe driver shortage, most truck drivers being males in their mid-50s, there is also a drive to get younger people into the industry. 

Interestingly, the RTF annual awards show that women make great employees, with three of their five awards this year going to females: Summer Thompson named as the Young Driver of the Year, Carla Seymour Mansell winning the Outstanding Contribution to Health and Safety Award, and Ayna Shamim named as the inaugural winner of the Outstanding Contribution by a Woman in the Road Transport Industry Award.

For those in the transport sector, there is funding available to help you develop women leaders in your businesses. Grants of between $2500 and $8000 to enable participation in one of three programmes that cover such things as reinforcing resilience and wellbeing, engaging with challenge and conflict, creating future focus, leading authentically and driving performance. Find out more and register your interest by completing the Expression of Interest form here prior to 22nd November: www.womenandleadership.co.nz/funding.html

Sarah Southee, our Wellington based business partner, and Finance New Zealand hosted a number of guests, including these lovely ladies at the M2woman Journey to Excellence forum earlier in October - supporting leadership, diversity and inclusion in the NZ workplace. Thanks M2woman for a great event.