Why use a Financial Advisor?

You may have wondered what the advantages are of using a financial advisor over dealing directly with a funder yourself. Surely it’s better to have a close working relationship with the lender? It is true that good funding relationships are always important, however working with a commercial finance advisor can assist both when things are good, and when they are not. While things are going well, an advisor works for you to negotiate with banks and other financiers on your behalf. We assist you to obtain the best possible structure considering aspects such as price, speed of approval, repayment structure and security requirements of multiple lenders. However, when things get tight, when deals get tricky, when the banking industry imposes new rules that are inflexible, then it is you and your business who suffer and where an advisor can really assist in ensuring your funding is best aligned to your cash flow.

The beauty of working with an advisor from Finance New Zealand is that we deal with multiple lenders and can negotiate terms that suit you as well as creating competitive tension that ensures you receive competitive interest rates. Also, if any funder or your bank is reluctant to fund a particular deal for whatever reason, we will work with a specialist or other bank or non-bank lender to get you the finance you need to keep your business growing.

We really get to know you and your business. We pride ourselves on establishing a solid, long-term working relationship with you – through the good times and the tough times. At all times, your business partner at Finance New Zealand is always just a phone call away.

We are locally owned, and with experienced business partners throughout the country, we can easily call in to see you. We value on-site meetings as they allow us to see your operations first-hand and fully understand the work you do.

We also understand the life cycle of businesses, as well as the challenges that owners and managers face. Whether it be expansion, tight cash flow, succession planning or a difficult existing lender, we will work to provide you with the best finance solution available.

Our close working relationships with a variety of finance providers gives us flexibility to ensure you get the best available lending solution – and that’s more than just the interest rate. We ensure the terms and flexibility of the deal work best for you.

Talk to us today about your plans for your business and ask how we can help.