When one lender has said ‘no" - why would another say ‘yes?’

Just because your request may fall outside your existing lenders appetite, doesn’t mean it will be viewed in the same way by another lender. 

We work closely with over 30 lenders who all have different risk profiles, industry preferences and appetites.  As a group, we place many requests with these lenders and have a strong knowledge-sharing tool within the team. This means we are able to gauge the likelihood of each lenders approval based on your business finance request. 

For lenders to approve deals, they need to be comfortable with all the factors surrounding your request such as geographic location, industry, debt servicing, asset class and business tenure. Each lenders measure of these factors can be very different.  So when your lender says no, or provides an approval with unsatisfactory conditions, it’s most likely that another may say ‘yes’.

Our team of Business Partners are located right throughout the country and work across many different industries. If your current lender is unable to help and you would like to discuss an alternative funding solution, contact our team today.