What should your plan include?

Most businesses have a detailed plan for the year ahead. It will list the assets to be purchased, and when, along with any other capital expenditure. To secure funds, lenders will want to see your forecast for the business, showing the income and surplus the new assets will generate.

If you have tax arrears, you need to establish an arrangement with the IRD to repay them and keep current with your tax repayments, to ensure you have the best chance of getting preapproval from a finance lender.

If you have a seasonal business – one that makes all its money at certain times of the year, such as in agriculture or civil contracting – your uneven cashflow can make things tricky to manage. However, we can work with you to pre-empt and fill any working capital holes, or help make a plan to use seasonal revenues to reduce annual interest costs.

Talk to your business partner at Finance New Zealand about your plans for your business for the year ahead, and we can help ensure you get the funds you need to see your plans come to fruition.