What’s in the financial news?

  • Interest rates have started to rise – you can expect a sharp lift in the long term, and there’s another raise coming in the short term, probably early next year. This will be a marked change to what we’ve had over the last two to three years. It could be a good time to lock in interest rates to give yourself some certainty around future payments.
  • Recent media reports point to a likely sale of UDC to a Chinese investor, saying the ANZ is in negotiations with HNA Group for the sale of its plant and equipment financing business. The Australian Financial Review says, "If the parties find common ground on price, a transaction may be announced before the year's end". If the deal goes through, it could mean a significant change in the equipment finance business in New Zealand.

As we know, change is constant. Fortunately, Finance New Zealand is also constant. Regardless of how the market moves and changes, we can always find you the best solution at any point in time.