Is it time to restructure?

By restructuring – that is, reviewing your financial picture with the view to changing the terms of your debt – you can gain several benefits. And the benefits are more than just financial – you can switch up the terms of your loan to suit you and your business. Perhaps paying your debt off more aggressively or over a longer term, depending on your plans and the economic environment may be a more appropriate option for your business.

Yes, external forces play a big role in asset and business finance. When the economy slows, as it is currently predicted to do, this can impact the flow of work particularly in industries such as civil contracting and transport. A recent article in Stuff [https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/115195602/the-35-billion-brake-on-the-economy] says the government’s decision to scrap roading projects could drag down economic growth.

“Treasury is concerned that when the last of National's projects wrap-up, there won't be any new projects to replace them.

“It said around $4.8 billion worth of 'major projects’ are due to be completed in the next two years, but there are only $1 billion worth of new projects getting ready to start.” 

As Steven Joyce says in another Stuff article [https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/opinion-analysis/115253220/steven-joyce-heres-why-the-government-needs-to-spend-more-now], “This is a nightmare for construction companies. They were nervous about scaling up a decade ago. Eventually they did and today there is a large specialised workforce for something like 20 major road and rail projects currently being built around the country, plus countless smaller ones. And almost all of the big projects wind down over the next two years.”

Bearing this in mind, it is probably wise to relook at your finances and prepare your business for tougher times.