Importing from Across the Ditch

Importing new or used machinery and equipment from Australia often makes good economic sense. We have a strong dollar; they have a lot of second-hand assets that may not be readily available in New Zealand. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and online shopping, it is very easy to see what is for sale in Australia and simply buy it with a click or two.

However, before you do, you need to be fully aware of the costs involved with an offshore purchase – things like transportation, insurance, FX trading costs and the expenses that come with meeting different regulatory requirements.


You need to also consider post-sales service – is there any? – and how you could resolve any issues with the seller should they arise after the sale has gone through.

Funding an overseas purchase must also be looked at, and Finance New Zealand has tools to help with that. We can work with one of our funding partners to draw down a NZD loan agreement, which will pay out an Australian based supplier in AUD before the goods leave the supplier’s premises. 

If you have plans to import new gear from Australia, talk to us about how we can make this easier.