How we can help when your bank says ‘no’

Finding a lender who knows and understands your business can be a challenge. We frequently deal with businesses seeking finance who have good financials, but are declined by their current lender. It’s usually a case of the risk profile not aligning with the lender’s criteria. Or, sometimes the current lender has failed to really understand the business and their individual requirements.

Our team deals with a range of businesses across many different industries. And with access to over 30 specialist-funding partners, we have a wealth of knowledge about various lenders’ appetites and criteria.



Where one lender may say ‘no’, in most cases we can match your business with another lender who will say ‘yes’. First we evaluate your requirements and circumstances. Then our independence lets us approach the funder best aligned with your request and your business’s best interest ­­– not just the funder you have a relationship with.

Because we work across many different funding partners, we can split your lending across multiple funders. This helps to get your deal across the line, but also diversifies your loan and gives you a ‘plan B’ for future lending.