Helping you meet your business goals

Leasing assets is a fantastic option for many businesses but it is not an all or nothing game – leasing is just one finance option to help optimise your business.

Used in conjunction with buying assets and other finance solutions, leasing can give your business real flexibility for less risk.

You can upsize your fleet for a single project then, when it’s done, either carry on as you were before or take out a new lease on new machines for another project. You can test the waters in new markets with a new piece of specialised equipment, and if it doesn’t work out, hand it back at the end of the lease term without being stuck with a mid-life asset.


Regardless of the industry you’re in or the type of equipment you need, we have a wide range of financing and leasing options that can be mixed and matched to get your money really working for you. Talk to your Finance New Zealand business partner about how a solution can be tailored to best fit your business and your business goals.


This information is intended to provide general information on operating leases and equipment finance and should not be taken as advice. For more information, speak to your advisor at Finance New Zealand