Covid-19 update: The latest on how we can help your business

As we head into week two of the COVID-19 Level Four Alert, we have been focussing on obtaining short term debt relief solutions for our customers. Since the government announced this “shutdown”, our team has been engaged with our clients, and we have begun the process of lodging almost 700 relief applications.
In general, the funding partners we work with have been very supportive. For banks and finance companies, this is a detailed process working through an unprecedented volume of complex requests. They are introducing new policies, processes, regulatory approvals, and operational systems to manage through this extraordinary situation. We recognise and acknowledge that the people working within these organisations are experiencing very high workload pressure whilst also dealing with significant personal disruption. We thank our funding partners and their staff for the work they have undertaken to date, knowing there will be more to do as the situation evolves. 

Most of our funding partners have applied for, or are working towards, some form of blanket relief package. The degree of immediate assistance required and the information requested to get approval varies between lenders. We ask for your patience while working through the volume of applications in progress and while our funding partners get their processes streamlined.  Rest assured, we will work hard to make this as smooth as possible for you and your business.
Work continues in “essential service” related businesses. Like all New Zealanders, we appreciate their hard work and dedication to maintain these essential supply chains and infrastructure during this pandemic. We continue to work with clients in these industries and over the last week have supported a number of asset acquisitions. To view some of these visit our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/financenz/

We recognise this is a stressful time for New Zealand businesses, employees and families. We are all in this together, so please take care of yourselves and one another during this challenging time. Stay Safe.