Commercial property finance

For those looking to purchase and/or develop commercial property, or if you think you could benefit from better rates and terms, Finance New Zealand can source the best commercial property finance solution for you.

From land purchase to subdivision, to design and build, we can obtain finance for each piece of the development process. Whether you’re planning an office fit-out, retail development, want funding for an industrial park, or are building your rental property portfolio, we can help.

The expertise and experience of the Finance New Zealand business partners can help ensure you are receiving the most competitive rate and deal structure for your commercial property. For those looking to develop, regardless of what stage of the process you’re at – preapproval or practically complete, we can assist with finding a competitive finance solution.

We can also ensure your finance is diverse; that is, with more than one funder. This will ensure you have more options as you reach milestones or if you hit an unexpected challenge during your project.

If you’re considering a new commercial property venture, or if your current lender is unsupportive of your plans for your property, talk to your business partner at Finance New Zealand to find a funding solution that works best for you.