Christmas Cashflow

Christmas time – the season of goodwill and giving – is also often a time of financial difficulties. Not necessarily because of all the shopping for presents, but business cashflow is often impacted over summer. 

Typically, businesses are either flat out or dead quiet over the summer holiday period, and it’s these fluctuations that play havoc with your finances. Fortunately, you can get funding to help with these swings – cash to cover wages, buy stock or pay for repair and maintenance. 

Many sectors are impacted by the seasonal ebb and flow, and the highs and lows can hit at different times. We understand how a sound business can suddenly find itself short on funds, and we can help smooth out the lumps and bumps in your cashflow.

Your options include an overdraft facility; a stock loan to buy the things you sell; invoice finance, where a lender advances money that you’ve invoiced for but haven’t yet received; or a structured term loan to fill the gap.

Depending on your business, one option may suit better than another. It also helps to have the facility set up and ready to go before you need it. So, if you think cashflow could be an issue for your business over the summer, talk to Finance New Zealand to sort the best solution in advance.