The benefits of spreading funding across multiple lenders

We understand that having all your funding with one lender may seem convenient. However, in different economic cycles or if your business is expanding and you don’t have the support of your funder, having all your eggs in one basket can be restrictive. Access to alternative funding lines ensures your business keeps moving forward, especially in challenging times.

Finance New Zealand helps businesses where their existing lender said ‘no’. The best solution for the client may involve multiple lenders, each lending against the pool of assets they are most comfortable with. The credit criteria of each lender varies widely depending on, for example, the machinery you need. And our understanding of each lender’s appetite means we can approach the lender most likely to approve your request. 



Because we work as your one point of contact for all your business finance needs, we regularly assess your business’s changing risk profile. This way, we continue to help you find the appropriate solution on an ongoing basis.