• How will you obtain me the best finance solution for my business?

    Finance New Zealand has access over 30 funding partners and collectively we have over 650 years of banking and finance experience. This means we can tailor a solution that best fits your business.  Our role is ultimately to understand your objectives, and work for you across our funding partners to deliver you the best solution for your business.

  • How can the experience within the Finance New Zealand group benefit me?

    Whilst you will be dealing with your local Finance New Zealand business partner, our team does work closely together.  We pool our knowledge and previous experience to your advantage and with a wide diverse range of previous experience including commercial banking, equipment finance, asset finance, property funding, machinery and leasing. We have a wealth of experience to share.

  • How can working with a financial advisor benefit me or my business?

    There are a range of factors that make up any funding transaction. This can include product, structure, security, price and speed among other factors.  Our model means we can place each funding transaction with the  appropriate financier according to your priorities, and each financiers offering to the market.

  • What is the benefit of having access to multiple funding partners?

    We are not restricted to working with any one funding partner. The financial markets constantly change, but we are not restricted to the pricing, products and risk appetite of any one funding partner.  As funders change what they are willing and able to do, we can adjust and adapt where we facilitate your business.

    Our wide range of funding partners means we can support your business through different stages in your business and different economic cycles.  As your business risk profile improves or becomes more challenged we can continue to work with you and find the appropriate solution.

    In some cases the best solution overall funding solution for our clients’ business requirements will be across more than one Funding Partner.  For example, certain lenders may have a preference for funding of certain asset types based on age, asset type, location, use etc.  By co-ordinating a transaction across multiple funders we are often able to meet our clients objectives by providing a funding structure that would not be available from just one bank or finance company source.

  • Who will I be dealing with?

    When you deal with Finance New Zealand you benefit from dealing with one contact that knows your business well.  We can work with you to source a complete finance package, while only having to deal with just one organisation.

  • Does it cost me to use your services?

    In most cases we do not charge you for our services as we are paid a commission by the financier.  Where you may be charged a fee directly this will be disclosed and agreed with you at or before the time an offer of finance is presented to you.  Important disclosure information is available at www.financenz.co.nz/disclosure

  • Will I receive the same interest rates from you as I would I went directly to the funding provider?

    The interest rate we will offer you will be competitive, sometimes more competitive that you may receive if you went directly. This is because we can negotiate with the funding provider on your behalf.

  • When do interest rates vary?

    Interest rates can vary depending on the amount of finance required, the term of your funding, your business credit profile, your credit history and what industry your business operates in.

  • How do I apply?

    There are several ways you can apply:

    • Complete a short application on our website and a business partner in your region will contact you.
    • You can call our head office on (09) 222 0320 or email info@financenz.co.nz and they will put you in touch with your local business partner.
    • Contact your local business partner.
    • Once you have contacted your local Finance New Zealand business partner they will discuss your funding requirements and ask you to fill out an application form plus provide other information that we will need to assess your requirements and make a submission on your behalf.
  • What documentation is required to accompany the finance application?

    Your local Finance New Zealand business partner will advise you what is likely to be required when they assess your funding requirements.  Every funding requirement is different and the information required will depend on the nature of your request and your business and personal business history. 

    Depending on your funding requirements some of the more likely information we may require is:

    • Finance New Zealand application form
    • Historical financial accounts
    • Budgets or cashflow projections
    • Valuations or invoices
    • Trust deeds
    • Bank statements
    • Proof of personal income

    To comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (AML) it is likely we will ask you for one or more sources of primary photo identification (some funding providers may ask for extra documentation). This can be:

    • NZ passport
    • Overseas passport
    • NZ Certificate of Identity
    • NZ Driver’s License
    • NZ Firearms License
    • Proof of personal address 
  • How long will it take for my funding to be approved?

    Depending on the type or complexity of your funding requirement and upon receipt of all your supporting documentation a loan can be approved in as little as four hours but can vary depending on the lender, size of loan and complexity of your funding requirement.

    By leveraging the strong relationships we hold with our funding partners we will ensure you receive a timely response from our funding partners. 

  • Why should I deal with Finance New Zealand and not my existing lender directly?

    When you deal with Finance New Zealand you can enjoy working with one contact for all your business finance needs.  We will work with one or more funders on your behalf, which means we do all the running around leaving you to focus on your business.   

    Also, we hold relationships at senior executive levels within our funding partners.  This allows us to influence the service, structure, rates, and total funding packages provided to our clients.

  • Once my finance is approved do I deal with the lender directly?

    Generally no. In most cases we will liaise with the funder on your behalf from approval, through documentation, to settlement and continue to work with the funder on your behalf for ongoing account management.  Like you, Finance New Zealand has an interest in long-term relationships.  This is our business, and our long-term success will come from providing you excellent service and working on your behalf over the term of your funding requirements. 

  • Are the terms of my finance negotiable?

    Yes your Finance New Zealand business partner work with you to obtain satisfactory terms.

  • Can I obtain a preapproval before I buy?

    Yes, we can work across our funders to obtain an approval that puts you in a cash position and gives you greater confidence when buying. 

  • What happens when I need to change the terms of my finance?

    Contact your local Finance New Zealand provider.  We will work with you to reassess your needs and work with the funding provider to ensure your funding is correctly structured for your business.

  • Can I obtain finance to purchase equipment abroad?

    Finance New Zealand has a range of options to facilitate funding of imported equipment or stock.

    From almost all major international markets we can work with several our funding partners to organise trade finance facilities for the importation of goods and machinery.  Options include provision of letters of credit, or other forms of trade finance.

    For the importation of equipment from Australia we can work with some of our funding partners to draw down a NZD loan agreement, which will pay out an Australian based supplier in AUD before the goods leave the supplier’s premises.

    This means you benefit from being able to shop in Australia as if you are a domestic purchaser.

  • What types of security are likely to be required for my business lending?

    Every deal is different. Generally, funders want first and foremost to understand your capacity to repay the funding.   Depending on your situation and the nature of your funding request security is likely to be required.  In most cases this will be the assets you are funding; however, it may also include additional security interests from your current assets or property, and personal guarantees. Your Finance New Zealand business partner will advise you what is likely to be required when assessing your application.  All security requirements will be disclosed at the time an offer of finance is made.

  • Will I need a valuation of the property or asset I am purchasing?

    Not necessarily, your Finance New Zealand is in tune with each lenders requirement and will advise you if a valuation is required. 

  • What if I have no credit history or my business is a start up?

    Obtaining a loan with no credit history or for start up businesses can be more challenging, however there are options available.  Your Finance New Zealand business partner will advise you of the best approach to take in these circumstances.

  • Can I repay my loan in full before the end of the term?

    In most cases you can repay your loan before the end of term. There may be fees associated with early repayment like:

    • An early termination fee to cover the cost incurred by any lender for early settling the loan or lease.  As an example, fixed rate loan agreements may include early termination costs if broken prior to the termination of the fixed rate term.
    • Any contractual commitments resulting from the early repayment of your loan or lease.  As an example, so loans and lease contracts will obligate you to a portion of future contracted payments.
    • A clawback recovery fee may be charged by Finance New Zealand Limited.  You can read about this fee on

    To discuss any associated fees that may be applicable to the early termination of your loan, contact your Finance New Zealand business partner.

  • What if I change address or change the name of my business?

    Please contact your Finance New Zealand business partner or call (09) 222 0320.