Business Finance

Hira Bhana & Co are a long-established family business founded in 1958 and have had a long-standing relationship with their existing bank for over 60 years.

We had never thought about changing banks, however, Nilesh Bhula from Finance New Zealand came up with a pretty good solution that positioned us well for future lending.

Because changing banks isn’t easy, Nilesh arranged for our mortgages to be moved, but left our transactional banking where they were, which minimised the disruption to our business for the day-to-day banking and wages.

The solution Nilesh provided us has given our banking arrangements a good tidy up and put in place some good lending options for the future, which was one of the most important things for us. Throughout the process Nilesh was very professional and worked alongside us to tailor the best solution for Hira Bhana & Co.

We have been in business a long time, and for us trust is fundamental when working with a professional partner. It doesn’t matter what the letterhead is, in the end it is the people.

Once you have established that you can trust a person, you can move forward. We felt that Nilesh was straight-up, and he explained what he was about. Not only did we trust him, but he trusted us too, which made the process a lot easier.

I would not hesitate to recommend Nilesh or Finance New Zealand to any friends in business.

Dinesh Bhana
Hira Bhana & Co