Asset Finance Products

Finance New Zealand can source structured finance solutions to minimise the total cost of finance. We achieve this through a combination of competitive interest rates, tailored funding structures and our extensive range of product solutions.

  • Term loans

    Finance New Zealand will ensure your term loans match your cash flow and the working life of each asset purchased. In most cases short term GST funding is also available allowing you to make business decisions that suit you rather than your lender. Typically, only the assets financed will be the primary security for these loans. 

  • Revolving credit facilites

    Pre-approved equipment finance limits allow you to manage your capex well in advance, ensuring a smooth introduction of new gear into your fleet. Finance New Zealand will work with you to plan your future purchases, well before transporters are booked. Revolving Credit facilities typically also allow for cash offset, meaning you can put surplus cash flow to use reducing your overall cost of borrowing. 

  • Seasonal loans

    At Finance New Zealand we understand that each industry experiences differing seasonal fluctuations. Finance New Zealand will ensure that your funding arrangements are not affected by softer cash flow through the off-season, matching cash flow and repayments with your income stream.

  • Floor plans

    For businesses involved in the sales and distribution of machinery, Finance New Zealand can assist your growth plans, which, traditionally, are hard on cash flow. Flexible and easy to operate, floor plans allow you to meet customer demand in a timely and cost effective manner.

  • Equity access

    Unlock equity within your fleet to fund new projects or business growth. Finance New Zealand can assist to access these funds immediately or in stages going forward.

  • Succession planning

    Finance New Zealand can help the next generation who have the energy but not financial strength to take your business forward, while protecting your investment.

  • New project finance

    Finance New Zealand can look at each new project in a pragmatic manner ensuring that new funding adds value to your existing operation rather than jeopardising it.